Mashrabiah/Architectural Metal Works

We are specialized in all kinds of Architectural/Miscellaneous Metal Works including Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Steel Works such as Mashrabiah, Lattices and Claddings that can either be used externally or internally.

Aluminum Louver

We are specialized in Aluminum Louver Panels; fixed, hinged & slide in which it could be Acoustic, Exhaust or Sand Trap Louvers for Substation Doors and Panels and all kinds of decorative Louver to Elevations and Ceilings.

Handrail and Balustrades

We are specialized in all kinds of Metal Handrails and Gates to be made of Cast Aluminum, Aluminum, Glass, Steel and Stainless Steel to be used as Balcony/Ramp Handrail, Staircase Railing and Decorative Fences and Gates to Landscape area and Wall Guard Rails.

Pergola and Car Park Sheds

We are specialized in all kinds of Metal Pergola and Car Park sheds made of Cast Aluminum, Aluminum, and Steel in which combination of Lattices and Aluminum/Steel Profiles can be designed for either traditional or modern style.

Welcome to Arcadia Metal Industries

Arcadia Metal Industries (A.M.I.) is a company dealing with wide range of high quality industrial and architectural metal services and products which have been established to fulfill the needs and requirements of Architectural and Miscellaneous Metal Works to the Construction Markets equipped with the latest machinery and tools including the CNC Router Machine operated by our skilled team.